17 November 2012

Time Change

So its been almost 2 weeks since time changed and my youngest is finally getting back on track. When time first changed, she was going to sleep by 7 (would have been 8, her normal bedtime) and up at 430 (would have been 530, her normal wake up time). The week after time changed was so fustrating. I cannot describe to you my irritation level. She meant nothing by it, she doesnt know, shes just doing what her body is telling her but I was tired and she was cranky from not sleeping well.

But finally something has clicked with her, this week she has been sleeping better. She's been sleeping until 5, sometimes after, and staying up a little later in the evening.

I really dont like time change, told my husband that next time we are skipping it. HaHa.

But really its a lot on little kids. It always screwed Ava up for a week or so but nothing compared to what we went through with Hailey.

So now we are finally getting back on track, getting her back into a more normal routine for her. Thank the Lord.

Anyone else have trouble with their little ones during the transition of time change? If so, I really feel for ya.

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