20 October 2012

She's 1!! Our baby is no longer a baby!!

Hailey's 1st birthday was awesome. I took off work and we spent the whole day celebrating her. We had one little hiccup, Ava had come down with a cold and had to be seen by the doctor. Her story ended with ear infection and a cold. So most of our plans for the day disappeared. But Hailey had a good time. She got a good nap taking Ava into town and then riding home with her daddy.

This year has gone too fast. It feels like yesterday we were bringing her home. I went through the whole day telling Kenny what I was doing at that time. I think I remember it all because it was supposed to be my last day of work, then a day of rest, then my scheduled c-section. Since we were having the scheduled c-section, I wasnt prepared for her at all. No bags packed, nothing done for Ava's weekend at Nanny's. I had thought all along, she would come early, my calculations said her due date was October 14th, which meant my c-section on the 21st was 7 days late. But by the doctors numbers she was marked as being born at 38 weeks 5 days. I still argue that she was wrong. Anyways, on the 19th I totally was NOT expecting her. I felt horrible all day, which I did for all 9 months, I had a team lunch at Warm Springs, my team was saying goodbye and making sure I had all my ducks in a row before leaving for 6 weeks.

So when I got home that night and my water broke I was absolutely shocked and unprepared. I called my sister in law, thank goodness for her, she immediately stopped what she was doing, left her family and came to my house. She helped me pack my bag, Ava's bag, yelled at me for not being prepared, and waited with me for Mom/Robbie and Kenny to get here. Kenny put the carseat in mom's car and loaded it up with her bag, toys, and everything under the sun. Erika wished me luck and went home. Kenny and I were off to the hospital.

At 11:44 pm she was taken from me and announced BORN. She came out screaming and screamed the whole time she was in the room with me. By 1 am, we were all in our room and life began with another newborn. So thankful for her to be healthy and no issues.

Home with us

She's grown so much, so fast. She's saying a few more words, "ice", "momma", "out", "no". I will update her weight/height once she goes for her wellness check. She's been walking for 3 months, off formula, and sometimes sleeps through the night. She loves her chocolate milk.

Now a household with 2 toddlers, running around the house, and having a great time.

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