27 October 2012

Celebrate and Connect

One more benefit of being a consultant for this great company is our Celebrate and Connect meetings. They give us a chance to meet up with other consultants on our team and to get some one on one training with our director. There may be a day when I am holding these meetings myself. Also at our C&C meetings, we get an item to help our business. Thirty One is always about making it easier for our business to grow.

At this C&C meeting, we were given an item that will be revealed in our NEW spring Catalog in January 2013. This item was given to us so that we can start promoting and booking into the spring months. The item is AWESOME and that is all I can say if you are not a future hostess.

My hostesses in November and December will be presented with a Thirty One Challenge from ME. The bag that I was given is a value of $65, and I would love to share this item with my hostesses. If their parties close with a certain number of bookings I will celebrate my hostess with the same item. This challenge will also be extended to me, can I get people excited enough to want to throw an awesome 31 party? Can I present a good party where they love the products as much as I do? And what gift can I present them with for booking?

One of the best things about the way I run my business, is that since I get items for FREE I love returning the favor to my customers.

I will be doing the same with myself when I host my 3rd Open House in December. Can I get the required number of bookings? Maybe have someone join my team? Extend the love of this great company with anyone that wants the opportunity.

So contact me to host your own home or book/online party and I will share with you the item thats in all of our hands. It is a super great item and I cannot wait to use in my home!!!


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