05 September 2012

Shew! August is over!!

August was crazy! Not really sad to see it go but now life has settled down a little bit in this household. During the month of August Hailey turned, 10 months old, already walking and had 4 top teeth all come in at one time; Ava, 35 months old, became a potty trained FOOL!!!

In August I had the opportunity to do two vending events with Thirty One Gifts. I was at the Berkeley County Youth Fair and Martinsburg Bike Night. Both successful and both were a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people and made a few good contacts. I am actually working on a fundraiser now that I met at the Fair and the people I am working with are so nice and amazing. It has been a great experience. I hope that I get to do more vending events next year.

Kenny started teaching a little on the side along with his full time job and other part time position, so 3 positions, 1 person.

Ava got to enjoy the fair for really the first time, at almost 3, she is really turning into our 'big' girl and is able to do so much more now.

Ole Blue Eyes is making a name for herself in this house...she is all over the place now and able to do a little bit of her own thing. She has been walking since the 2nd week of August and is now almost running...its amazing how fast they grow and how fast they learn....

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