15 August 2012

Do I Dare Say It?!?!

So we have been 'potty training' on and off for maybe 6 months, give or take. There are weekends that we have nothing to do and I would put Ava in panties and see what happens. Usually she just pees/poops all over herself and we go back to pull ups. NOT READY....

This past Sunday I asked her if she would pee in the potty if I put panties on her and she said 'No' but we did it anways, just to see. So I put her in panties and she did great, like always, I was just waiting for it to go downhill, like always.

This time though she kept telling me when she had to go and we would go back and she would, no accidents, actually holding it until we got there, and very proud of herself. So that evening as we were discussing the next days activities, I asked her if she wanted to wear panties over to Vickies. She replied 'yeah' and went back to playing.

So Monday came, I put her in panties and sent her Vickies. I sent an extra pair of panties and pull ups just incase she decided she was too busy and was not going to use the potty. When I picked them up, Vickie reported that she did great and used the potty and had been dry all day.

My mom has always said they will let you know when they are ready.

Well I think this is it, no turning back.

She has been in panties for 4 days and only pull ups at night. She still isnt waking up dry and still wakes up at least once for a drink of water.

So I am happy to be able to say that yes it looked like Ava has made the jump, she is now potty trained. How in the world it happened? Cant tell you, other than her stubborness finally left and she is doing it because she wants to.

We have been celebrating her all week, lots of high fives, lots of big girl compliments. She is very proud of herself which she should be, this is a very big step.

We are now in the world of only one little one in diapers.

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