08 August 2012

Date Night

While at the beach, we were lucky to have Erika and Kelly and Keith babysit for us for a night while we got out and spent time one on one time together. It was a great night. We left the girls, thankfully no fits, nothing to make us feel bad for leaving. We had no idea where to go so we just got in the car and drove. Kenny decided to go towards Beaufort and that would give us enough time to decide.

Once we got there, we walked around and checked out what resturants were open and if 'picky' me would eat there. Kenny wanted to do somewhere that he could get some seafood. We ended up at a place that we could eat outside, right on the water.

It was so nice. We talked, watched the boats on the water, ate a great meal, and then walked around a little more. I loved it. For having the girls 24 hours a day together and really no time to just talk without someone crying, hungry, or needing to be changed, it was a nice break.

We dont get to do it as much as we did with just one little one, its a little harder to coordinate with two. But now that Hailey is older, (almost a year old already), we are getting more little breaks like this. Its always nice to reconnect, not share your food with little ones (eat when its hot), and not have to threaten time out in the middle of dinner.

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