13 August 2012

9 Months 3 weeks....

Hailey has began walking!!!!!!!!!!!!

She started out with one step for the past 3 or 4 weeks but this past Thursday she took 5 at one time, Friday it was more, and by Saturday she was up to 10 to 15 steps before she falls and begins to crawl. So excited for her.

She is so proud of herself also. Ava (who was 9 months, 2 weeks when she began walking) loves it, everytime Hailey begins walking, Ava shouts 'Mommy, Hailey's walking again' we all clap and smile and let her know what a big deal it is.

Cannot wait to keep watching her get better with it. She is so quick as it is with her crawling that I know walking will be the same way. One minute she is there, the next she is in the playroom.

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