11 July 2012

She's Up and She's Gone

Hailey is really getting fast with this whole crawling thing. At almost 9 months old, she is starting to try to stand on her own. My little baby is going from sitting on the ground and trying to free stand. It's so hard to believe that soon she will be walking. She is fast at being in the middle of anything going on in the house. She is almost always right by Ava, where ever she is at in the house. She has found the stairs and can climb them quick.

She is fearless just like Ava was at this age. She just goes. She smiles and laughs the whole way also. She's starting to really rough house with Ava and play. It's taken a long time, I know it has felt like forever to Ava who has wanted her to play since day one of bringing her home. Kenny and I are just waiting until she walks. It shouldnt be much longer, she wants to go so bad, she will watch everyone playing and jump up on her knees and reach out with her arms.

It is very awesome to watch my girls interacting and playing. Its nice to watch them have their sweet moments and also funny to watch when they are fighting over a toy. We just have to keep reminding Ava that Hailey is still a baby, even though she is almost as tall as her and probably weighs as much as she does.

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