08 July 2012

The Lights went OUT

So last week, we had a hellish storm that swept acrossed the state and blacked our area. It happened a little before 10, the girls were asleep and my bedroom was already beginning to get hot. My brother in law offered to come get us since Kenny was working. Anyone who's hubby works at night, my best to you because sometimes it is very annoying. So off we went to my in laws. They have a spar room that fit us comfortably since we co-sleep when Kenny is at work. I fed Hailey a bottle to help her drift off to sleep and Ava was a few minutes after it went dark again. They actually went back to sleep a lot quicker than I thought they would after getting woken up and moved to a whole new place.

That morning, still no power, we headed home to wait on Kenny to get home. The girls were happy to be home but it was getting warmer and warmer in here. So we made a few calls and found out that my mom had power. So she let us come spend the day at her house. The girls loved it. My niece was there while Jessica worked so the girls got to play.

Kenny and I made our way back home that afternoon to gather food from our freezer to take to moms. We used my 'Making Memories Thermal Tote' from my Thirty-One collection to put a lot of stuff in. I loved that we had it. Kenny actually just put it in the deep freezer at moms.

We were one of the lucky one, our power came back on that evening. My sisters power did not return until Tuesday and my Dad's didnt come back on until Wednesday.

I hope we dont have another storm like that for a while. The wind was crazy, the lightning lit up the whole sky, I could see the neighbors house like the sun was shining. If it does, I can only hope my husband is home so I have a little help with the girls.

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