16 July 2012

A Big Change....

Man, vacationing with little ones is a lot different than when we last took a vacation here at the beach. It was 5 years ago, we weren't even engaged yet. We spent the week doing whatever we wanted to, sleeping in, and going to bed late (stayed up many nights just talking to my soon to be sister in law).

This year has been great, I wouldn't trade this for the world. Life before my kids was nice, but who knew how amazing it could get with them here. It's just a big change. We now are scheduling everything around naps, attitudes, and the safety of our kids to not be in the sun. I certainly am not staying up too late, and Ms. Hailey is getting up early but thankfully not as early as she usually does. I have slept in until after 6am most days. How awesome is that?!

We have enjoyed the beach, yet they still arent really old enough to enjoy it to the full max. Ava is loving the sand but not too sure about the 'big pool' as she calls it. She is really enjoying the pool. She is soaking in all the attention of having her uncles, mommy and daddy, grandma and grandpa all week.

So a few more days left of no work, no rushing around, no worries.

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