28 June 2012

Remember that book?!

I posted in January about using my Amazon points and buying a book to read. I had planned to read this book after the girls went to bed or while they napped. Although during the post, I was worried that I would never read it, well six months later and the book has yet to make it out of my nightstand drawer. Isnt that sad? I love to read, used to read a book every couple of days. But my time is coming, the girls are getting on a better schedule, and soon we will be at the beach. The ride down alone is 8 hours and I am one of those weirdos that can read in the car without getting sick.

I keep getting emailed from Double Day Bookclub, I used to be a member, I have spent a lot of money on books. All books that have been read over and over. I think that is what is making me want to read again, seeing those emails and being reminded that one time of day I would just sit for hours and read.

So the book is being packed in my bag and taken to the beach. I will make an effort to read it this summer and maybe this fall, I can purchase another book from Amazon that will be practically free because of all my points.

But life is busy, just the way I like it. And with Hailey becoming more mobile, I am on my toes more now that I have been in a while. Both girls are everywhere, playing all the time, and into everything. So maybe bedtime will become my reading time. But I will bet, 9 times out of 10, I will be asleep right along with them. Like I said, we have busy days.

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