25 June 2012

Ms. Hailey Grace

This chick is now 8 months old. How in the world does it happen so fast? Anyone that has more than one kid might agree that you always think that your oldest first year goes by quick but no where near the warp speed that the 2nd child's first year goes. It honestly feels like we just brought our little girl home.

In the past 2 months, she has learned how to army crawl on her knees and elbows, how to crawl up on all four, she is eating solids, on stage 3 of the baby food, she's trying to talk, and shes actually on a better sleeping schedule.

She hasnt had a check up yet but she is long and heavy, but now that she is crawling, she is starting to thin out. Her little rolls are slowly disappearing. She is all over the house. She is exploring and learning rooms of the house that she was once only carried and sat in.

She is lifting herself up and trying to climb on and over everything that she can. She loves the window. Just like big sis! It almost looks like Ava standing there with her back towards the camera. She loves watching the tractors and cars going up the road. She and Ava watched hay bails being made the other evening. Hours of free entertainment.

She is really coming into her personality. She loves to play. She loves to laugh. She screams, rocks, likes to dance, and we play as hard as she can right now. She loves to get a hold of Ava's shirt and pull her to the ground and play.

She's just growing so fast, soon she will be walking, talking and running around. She is learning so much in such a little time. Seems like everyday she amazes me. She absorbs everything that we are doing and everything Ava does.

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