23 June 2012

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Life Around Here

So I have been MIA for a couple of weeks. These 2 little girls have had  my full attention, along with a husband that I want to spend as much time with as I can once we are home, and work has been crazy busy, like overtime busy. Yea its been that kind of beginning to our summer.

First of, My little 31 business is going great, and I could not be doing great without my wonderful customers. This has been one of the wonderful experiences that I have been a part of. At the beginning of the month, I was invited to join 1000 other ladies at our Summer Simplified Live conference, where I got to spend time with my 31 sisters and celebrate everyones accomplishments. I have never worked for a more positive company, they do not judge you or nag you about negatives or you didnt do something right, it is all a WOOT WOOT go you, yay for you, excited for you. It is inspiring to work for a company that lifts you up as high as you can reach.

Second, I reached my 1st year anniversary as a Civilan Government employee for the United States Coast Guard on June 6th. The work is hard, fast paced, and I love it. I grumble a lot during the day but at the end of the date I can honestly say I enjoy what I do. No file is the same, no mariner has the same demeaner, and my co-workers are my work family that care about me and my home family. We have had lots of ups and downs there but we are still there hanging together, helping each other, and waiting on the weekend to come together.

The girls are great, enjoying summer, and growing like weeds. I will catch up on them later...too much right now to put it all down....they are still at Vickies, Ava loves it there, as far as I am concerned they will be there until they both are in school full time.

Summertime is here, days are longer, its warmer, and we are all trying to spend time outside. I am trying to plan mini vacations, long weekends, when we can do it and we have a week long vacation in July with my in laws that we are now counting down too.

So I havent been GONE just BUSY. Its a terrible thing because I do think about blogging all the time, I wish I had more to write about sometimes. I hate writing for the sake of it. Our life isnt real boring but not real exciting either. But when something does come up anymore, its like I dont have the 15 minutes I need to sit and write it all down. I hope to begin making time for that as the girls grow, I am sure it will get more interesting around here and I want to make sure that I document it all for them to read one day. Lord knows I am terrible at their baby books. If I can do it this way at least they can read that. There is plenty to come, after all we have a 2 year old with a major attitude problem and a 8 month old that is highly sensitive and clingy to mommy right now.

Love that I am getting back to basics and back to writing. I love writing. It relaxes me, it allows me to think thinks out and work out creative ideas that are running through my mind. So there will be more to come.

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