26 June 2012

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An Awesome new ORDER form-31

This past month, Thirty-One has revealed its new order form that now allows you to automatically give to Thirty-One Gives. At the bottom of the order form there is a spot to round up the nearest dollar amount and that amount will be submitted to our charity fund.

I love this because we can always do a little something to help others, if we are spending almost $60 to buy our favorite purse why not give that extra .07 or .18 to a woman that could really use it. Whether you are ordering from my 31 business or another consultants, I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and share the wealth.

Help a young woman or girl by celebrating and empowering her, help that woman to believe in herself and thrive with her family, friends, and her business. It is up to us women to take care of each other, listen to each other, and to help one another.

(****These are my own thoughts and opinions, Thirty-One did not ask me to post this, I am an Independent Consultant and want to share with my customers****)

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