24 June 2012

Am I MOM Enough?!? Really?!?

Ok, so I am a little late, about a month posting this but I have to put my two scents in. I am about tired of the 'breast feeding' kick everyone is on. First and foremost if you breast fed for any amount of time kudos to you and I am not putting it against you or saying that it is a bad thing. Second this is ALL me, ALL my opinion, and ITS about time that we hear from a formula feeding momma.

Am I NOT mom enough because my kids would not latch, I was lazy about it, and that with my 2nd kid I didnt have the time to put into the whole breastfeeding thing?? Am I to be considered a bad mom because I chose to put my babies on formula instead of giving them my milk?? All my aunts breast fed (at least I think so), my friends have, my co workers, and it is a great thing for your child but please so not put us down that cannot produce, cannot pump, cannot get a child after weeks and weeks of not sleeping or eating decides to give our child formula.

 Do these breast feeding mommas know how much they are offending someone by saying 'Oh you formula fed, thats a shame you couldnt give your kid the best thing for them' I have a very close friend that tried and tried and tried, cried at night while her child tried and couldnt get anything from her. But please we are made to feel that we cannot say anything negative about the 'breast feeding'. I would never put someone down about how they choose to feed their baby. Wouldn't you rather your child eating then starving while you're waiting for the supply to come in and it may never come in.

Baby formula actually has a long history.
                       The origins of the Nestlé Company go all the way back to 1867, when Henri Nestlé created a nutritious product for infants that could be used by mothers who were unable to breast-feed. Merchant, chemist and inventor Henri Nestlé, established in Vevey, Switzerland, makes a breakthrough when his new formula saves the life of a premature infant.

So yes even though I couldn't breastfeed for long, my girls are healthy and they are happy and I am mom enough. Shoot me but I think as long as they have what they need to grow healthy it doesnt matter one way or another.

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