25 May 2012

A New Summer Wardrobe?!?!

Yep I think that is what I am going to have to work one. Once our vacation is over, I think my commission from Thirty One will be supporting my wider hips and my different figure from having 2 beautiful little girls. I tried on a pair of Capri’s this morning and all I can say is "OUCH", couldn’t get them snapped. When I turned to look at my butt in the mirror, they looked good, like they fit but around front it was all wrong. Tight, stretched out, and not snapped shut or zipped. My body has definitely changed these past 3 years of being pregnant twice.

Since my girls were born in the same season (September and October babies), two out of the last three summers, I was in maternity wear. I had adorable belly shirts for my baby bump and cute shorts. However that is long gone and I need some cute clothes for my new post baby body. My hips really didn’t change with Ava, the summer after her, I fit into those tight fitting Capri’s.....But Hailey, she really changed my figure. Also my body really prepared for labor with Hailey, my hips hurt as they widened preparing for labor, then I actually went into labor on my own and my body is spreading open to allow her to come into this world.

So new clothes for Mommy, this will be a first, I like all moms usually buy for my kids even if they don’t need it. Hoping I can get rid of this tummy a little bit also to help out, my c-section scar healed great but tight fitting clothes or buttons from pants make it sour. I think a slimmer belly might help with this.

So let the summer begin....

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