14 May 2012

Mothers Day

So Mothers' Day was okay this year. I didn't expect much with Kenny working and the girls being young and really not old enough to know that you shower your mommy on this day but then again I think I am showered everyday with lots of love and attention from the girls.

It was busy though. My gracious, we ran all over 2 counties saw both parents, and was back home in time for a half of a movie (Shrek 2) and then bed.

My husband gave me a gift that surely will be used soon, a gift card to a resturant for me and a friend to have dinner or lunch. A girls day. I can't wait for it, who knows when I will have it but it's coming.

The card was perfect, cannot wait to put it with my others so that the girls will see them when they are older.

The girls weren't too hard on me but I didnt get a nap or a break until both were asleep. By that time I was begging for it!

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