03 May 2012

6 Months Old

Our little chunky monkey is 6 months old. She is 17 lbs 4 oz, 26 1/2 inches long and growing like a weed. She's eating 6 oz at a feedng and baby food twice a day if not three times a day. She is rolling all over, scooting backwards, and reaching out for objects she wants. She is slowly learning to really play and to get toys to make noise.

She and Ava are growing closer together and almost always together when they are home. Ava is a great big sister, showing Hailey how to do stuff and she shares everything she can with her, sometimes that is trying to feed her something she cant eat yet.

Hailey is almost always HAPPY, although she has her moments. She has her daddy's serious look and his eyes. She can be very serious at her age, her frowns dont lie. She really is a happy fun loving baby who bounces and squeals. We are very blessed with such a pleasant baby for the second time.

She still isnt sleeping through the night, but even when I was pregnant with her I knew she would be my baby that didnt sleep. She kicked in the womb at all hours of the night and was quiet most of the day. We are kinda co-sleeping with her also, she sleeps in her bed for half the night. I choose my battles and with Kenny's schedule it has been easier to have them in my bed then not.

It has been a ride with lots of ups and downs since she has came but wouldnt change it for the world. She and Ava are my babies and so happy to have them in our lives. They adore they're daddy and I cannot wait to see Hailey grow into the daddy's girl that Ava has become.

Six months down, Six more to go until she is One year old. The things she will learn between now and then are sure to amaze me as they did when Ava learned them. They learn so quickly they're first year. It is also a celebration, a full year down a lifetime to go!

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