24 April 2012

Upcoming Remodeling Project

So the next few months you are going to read about our remodeling of the upstairs. We are in a cape cod house, when we moved in Ava was a whole 5 weeks old and still in a bassinet. She slept in our room for the first couple months. The upstairs has 2 bedrooms and a full bath needed some work. We decided to just leave her in our room until we could work on it. We co sleep anyways so she wouldn’t be sleeping upstairs, at least not the full night. Two years later here comes, Hailey, so yes now we have four people in our master bedroom and it is getting tight.

A month or so ago Kenny and I started discussing our options. We want the girls to be in their own room but upstairs is so far away at this point too. They are only 2 and 6 months old.

Last weekend we decided that we would all just move upstairs. It was an easy choice. This way we will be up there with the girls. We can hopefully get them to sleep in their room and get out of our bed but we are also right there in case they need us. Yay for not having to climb stairs in the middle of the night to a screaming child. Also this would free up our master bathroom and master bedroom. We have wanted to remodel the master bathroom but we are using it so we haven’t started on it. This way we will be taking the million toys the girls have to the master bedroom turning that into a playroom and can block off the bathroom for our project.

Kenny has the girls room painted, it is beautiful lavender, and I hope to decorate it with butterflies and pretty girly stuff. The other spare bedroom needs a lot of work; it will need carpet, paint and curtains. The carpet being the big thing, although we have also talked about doing an area rug for now to make this process a little quicker.

I am going to have to take a day off and send the girls to Vickie’s to get the majority of what I need to get done. I have tried to do a little in the evenings when they are home, but Hailey needs a bottle or fed or just wants to be held by mommy (and I love that and want to hold her when I am home) and Ava is everywhere. I will pull something out of a box and she will say ‘oh thank you’ take the item and begin playing with it. Like I really got it out for her to play with. I usually want that item to go in the trash. I will say though we are finding stuff we didn’t even know we had, which means this time I have to organize better and label.

When we moved in with Ava, almost 3 years ago now, we just threw everything upstairs that we didn’t need at that moment because with a 5 week old, Kenny in school for his medic, and my work schedule, there was no way it was going to be a priority at that point.

This time I want to organize and clean out. Now that I am with Thirty-One I also want to utilize some of the organizing bins and bags that I have purchased. I want to get a few things this summer with personalization for the girls for their room. I want to do it right.

So have fun reading about it all. I hope to post pictures of the girl’s room soon. It is pretty and I don’t even have the border up yet.

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