30 April 2012

Teething and Clinginess

And so it begins. I knew it would happen sooner or later. Hailey is in full blown teething yet no real bumps are there to indicate that a tooth should be popping through at any time. Still though she is miserable at times. I said it before I was even pregnant with her. "Our next one would be completely different and probably be a little more sensitive." Boy did I hit that nail on the head just right!

Hailey is definately more sensitive with Ava and her feelings do get hurt a little easier. She doesnt like loud times and absolutely does not like to hear Ava cry. Teething has been no different. They dont bother her everyday which is great but when they do bother her it seems to be in the middle of the night. Which for any mom knows that that is when everything hurts: In the middle of the night.

Today has been a little worse than the other times, she has whined just about all day, been very clingy, and actually got sick after eating. My girl doesn't really get sick and hasnt really spit up since she has been here. I feel so bad, these first teeth are the worse and truth be told they still may not pop through for  months, but they are affecting her now.

Tonight was not bad, the episodes aren't bad but just not my little girl. She is such a happy baby most of the time, unless that belly is empty. Thank goodness for the mesher. It really helped with Ava and has already been used a couple of times with Hailey. Hoping the clingy goes away though, I love holding her, but when I am trying to clean, get Ava something, or getting dinner its a little hard.

Hoping for her it passes quickly.

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