09 April 2012

Easter 2012

Easter went really well. Kenny worked the day before so we had to delay the Easter bunny's arrival. The girls woke me up at 530 so I am glad Ava isn't old enough to be begging to open anything, she didn't even miss the fact that the baskets weren't in the living room. I had hid them in the master bathroom. Kenny got home and distracted Ava while I brought out the baskets.
She was excited, kept saying 'Rabbit came!'

Hailey slept though the visit but was in a great mood for church.

We headed to church, it was so nice to be able to go. We have fought having a newborn, flu season, colds going through our house, Kenny's crazy work schedule, and finally it all worked out and we were there. I will say having two to get ready and going in the mornings is hard. Dont know how women do it with more.

The girls in their dresses getting ready to head to Grandpas

We visited with my dad, it was a great visit, the girls had a great time. Ava loves going to my dad's because she can pretty much do anything she wants and Grandpa says its okay. She can also play hard and he is right there with her.
Hailey was awake and happy, Ava shared Easter eggs with her
We had dinner at my moms and Ava got to ride on the loader with PapPap. She got to visit with her Aunt Ashley and actually ate a good dinner. She got a few gifts, spoiled as usual. Hailey got a cute little stuffed animal to chew on. Both girls had a great time.
goofy Ava playing while we were waiting on Kenny

Finishing the day with some Jello...Jello she made!
We ended the day with some Jello. Ava and I made some for Kenny has her special gift to him. She had so much fun making it and it was easy and not too complicated for her. As soon as he walked in the door at 8am she was yelling for me to open the refrigerate door so she could show him.

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