06 April 2012

Are my kids conspiring against us?

These past few weeks have been horrible in the Bowers house. Not days, just the nights, in particular after midnight. My youngest doesn’t get the concept that people sleep 6-10 hours at night, instead she likes to sleep 3 or 4 hours wake up, scream cry, eat, and then play and ‘talk’ for about a half hour. She screams for her bottle, like she hasn’t eat in days, then wakes up Ava who is used to sleeping  10-12 hours. Ava thinks its morning and will argue to go to the living room or wakes up smiling and wanting to play because Hailey is playing.
Only 2 years old and almost 6 months old and I am beginning to think that they are scheming this stuff during the day. ‘Let’s keep mom awake and see if she can handle going to work with only a couple hours.’ You think? It feels that way.
I am counting down until we get to the position to get the upstairs remodeled (this summer) and get them into their own room. We have been sharing with these two tiny little people for tooooo long.
I am worn down, I am cranky and it’s affecting my people skills. My youngest is still waking to eat once or twice a night, she just won’t get a lot at one time, only 4 oz instead of 6 so keep her full. I have been rolling with it. She’s only 5 months old, she doesn’t know any better, and she’s got me. They are in control at this point because they cannot do much for themselves.
So now I tease that when Ava hugs Hailey and they are together playing, that they are really talking about the night’s plan. Which one will get up when and which one will scream and which one will play. I know the RSV really screwed Hailey’s sleeping pattern up and we have to rework it but this kid has no schedule which sucks. She goes to sleep at a different time every night. She wakes up at a different time every morning, lately that time has been somewhere around 5:15 am.
I hope that when Hailey turns 1, we can put them both in a double bed and they can snuggle with each other. Right now they are both relaying heavily on momma. It is hard enough when one is in that clingy, can’t get out of my sight stage but to have both in it at the same time, MAN it’s a different kind of rough.
Praying it gets better, it usually does for a little bit at least. Hoping we get a break of at least one if not both sleeping most of the night if not all and in their OWN bed. We have definitely spoiled them ourselves and created our little bed hogging monsters; but really most of the time it’s great, its sweet, and I really couldn’t imagine it any other way. These past few weeks have just done me in. I either need a vacation to catch up or some kids that sleep.

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