04 March 2012

# 5 years old # birthday

A Celebration..5 years old!!!

Yes, it is true! My beautiful niece Emily is 5 years old.Yes she is making me feel old! She is such a great niece to have. Ava and Hailey love her so much. She will begin school in the fall and begin making her nitch in this world with all of its possibilities. She celebrated her day with her parents and Nanny and Pappap. Today we celebrate with a party at the local bowling alley with face painting. It seems like yesterday she was just this little itty bitty thing that couldnt even hold her own head now here we are 5 years later, she can do anything she puts her mind to. She has her own opinions, personality, and that wonderful Kidwiler stubborness.

Isnt she beautiful!!?!!!!
Lunch at Hoss's with Nanny!

Birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy! She loves it

An Added BONUS, the gravitation pull was weird with Leap Year and she got to do a trick!!

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