03 February 2012

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A Special Connection

When changing babysitters, the girls were moving from one cousin’s household to another cousin’s household. It was scary, exciting, and I was an anxious momma until I picked them up on their first day. They have been there for a month now. It seems like they have always been there. Ava fits right in with the other kids and has a great time there. My little chunky monkey, Hailey, is being taken care of and loved very much when I cannot be with her.
Vickie is my mom’s first cousin, my second cousin, Ava and Hailey’s third cousin. She is on the Raines side; her mother and my grandfather were brother and sister. My pap pap Rawhide has been gone for about 15 years now.  Aunt Kathleen, Vickie’s mother, is 86 and battling Alzheimer’s disease, but still moving and able to interact with the kids.  
For whatever reason, Ava just gravitated to Aunt Kathleen. The kids call her ‘grandma’, so does Ava. Aunt Kathleen has a stuff dog toy that she holds onto and treats as if it alive, she cuddles with it, takes care of it, and usually has it right under the blanket with her. Ava has began to carry around a dog toy of her own, (a gift from her Aunt Gail), and has ‘grandma’ take care of it during the day while Ava is playing.
When we walk in the house, she must know where ‘grandma’ is and when she will be up. Vickie has told me that Ava will follow ‘grandma’ around the house and makes sure she stays out of trouble. When Vickie has to take care of grandma and bathe her, Ava has been going in with her and helping. Keeping ‘grandma’ company and talking to her during her bath. I absolutely am amazed about my kind hearted little girl. A 2 year old is being gentle and making sure that this older generation is being taken care of.
One day when we picked them up, Ava and ‘Grandma’ were at the door looking outside, Ava had the biggest grin on her face. To watch Ava interact with her is nice.
My mom thinks that Ava only being 2 and a child of pureness and innocence can sense that something is wrong with Aunt Kathleen and she needs attention. Ava has taken to Aunt Kathleen quick and wants to make sure she is okay. Aunt Kathleen spends her day in the recliner or on the couch; Ava usually has her cup and dog or baby doll next to Aunt Kathleen. She will tell me that ‘Grandma’ is watching it all for her so she can play. I am tickled that Ava is able to be with a generation.
I am proud as a mother that Ava does not pick on her, does not take advantage of Aunt Kathleen’s condition, that she isn’t mean to her, and that she is helping her during the day.
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