16 February 2012

No Kiss Me Too

No Kiss Me Too
Ava speaks like a 2 year old. I don’t know how else to explain it. She is learning to speak complete sentences, yet proper grammar isn’t being used. It will probably be a while before it all clicks. She speaks her way, a cute way. I will ask her certain things sometimes just to hear her answer.
    What she should be saying: “I don’t want a hug”   Ava says “No hug me”.
    What she should be saying:  “Don’t pick me up”   Ava says “No pick me up, Mommy!”
     What she should be saying: “I don’t want you to touch me” Ava says “No touch me”
But then there is this OPPOSITE talk she does when she is playing. This is cute! When she wants attention, wants to be hugged, or kissed. She will smile, look at you and say “No kiss me too”, this usually happens during goodbye when either Kenny or I are leaving for work. After clarifying that she doesn’t want a kiss, she runs so you can catch her and kiss her.
She has also started this when Kenny gives me a kiss or a hug. It is so funny, almost like she gets jealous that I kiss her daddy. How dare I kiss HER daddy? So Kenny has to chase her down and give her kisses too. She loves her daddy so much.
Does your toddler say things in a funny way?
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