22 February 2012

# 4 Months Old # baby

4 Months Old

Yep, already, Hailey is growing like a weed. She now can hold her head up most of the day, without getting too tired. She has begun more tummy time even though she still hates it. She has begun to play with more toys, grab things, and recognize that it is actually 'playing' time. She smiles at you all on her own, she looks at you wanting attention, and she wants to make eye contact. It still amazes me, even though we have done this once, how fast they grow and learn.

She is laughing, yelling, and cooing. She just talks and talks. She wants to play so badly. She will swing herself while propped up on a knee. She chews on her fingers, not a big BINK baby. Her big blue eyes will follow you across the room. She loves her sister. She will try to jump forward to try to get to Ava. She knows her daddy, that's for sure. As soon as Kenny begins talking, her little head turns to his direction and she smiles so big. She is eating baby food, 4-6 ounces a bottle, and sleeping better. Not sleeping through the night yet but sleeping better.

She is 14 lbs and probably 24/25 inches long. I havent measured her, but we weighed her last night, so that is accurate. She has rolls in her arms and legs. She is starting to get interested in trying to roll over but only when a toy with noise and lights is out of her range and she trys to grab at it. Watching her learning to play is a joy, her smile is contagious, and her laugh is delightful.

Her love for Ava is amazing. In the mornings, she wakes up looking for Ava. Once they spot each other, there is a big smile by both. I always tell Ava to tell her "Good Morning, Hailey" with a kiss. Ava is always happy to do it. My heart melts watching them together.

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