20 January 2012

# baby # fam

Laundry Fairy!

So there are all these people that make the life of a kid great and magical: Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Toothfairy; but what about a magical helper for MOMs. I want a laundry fairy! This week has been hard on our family; the stomach bug hit 3 out of 4 of us. And guess who got to take care of everyone while they were sick while taking care of her own sick butt. You guessed it! Good ole MOM. While I was down and out, also working full time, and home most of the week on my own while Kenny was working, the laundry just piled up sky high. Hailey's laundry is even in a separate hamper to be washed in dreft so her clothes aren't even in the pile I am referring to. Laundry is one of my worse chores. It seems like it is endless. As soon as I get the hamper empty on Saturday afternoon, Kenny will take a shower and there are clothes back in it in no time. Starting the icky cycle all over again.

So for now I am wishing for the laundry fairy to appear: Please wash, dry, fold, and put away accordingly!
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