06 January 2012

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A Different Bottle, A Different Baby

Two weeks ago, we switched Hailey from the Playtex drop in liner bottles to Similacs new 'no air no gas issues' bottle. I can honestly say the switch was a great one. I began using the Playtex drop in because they worked so well with Ava. She had no gas issues and was always a happy baby. So when I got pregnant with Hailey, I decided we would use them again. But within weeks, Hailey was always having gas pains and screamed in the evenings for hours on in. The gas issues were horrible.
So my evenings after working all day were jam packed with a screaming newborn and a toddler wanting some attention too. I felt so bad because I couldn't really give Ava the attention I wanted to because Hailey would be screaming.

Similac sent an email out letting their fans know of a new advanced bottle they had developed. I wanted to switch then but they are expensive bottles and you could only get them online. So I would be paying for the bottle, shipping, and still may not work. So I held off, hoping that her screaming was just part of this 'witching hour' that everything I had read had diagnosed it as. Kenny went to Wal-Mart for groceries one day and called saying that the tubs of formula we buy had a free bottle on them and he got one. I was super excited. All I wanted to do was enjoy the evening with Hailey and Ava. I knew it wouldn't be scream free, someone was going to be upset at some point, but to have an evening with them that wasn't consumed with screaming.

SimplySmart baby bottle
So after a week of using this one bottle we went back to Wal-Mart and bought a few more of the formula tubs to get the bottle for free. Can you say AMAZED at how different my child's attitude is now? Hailey does still have her moments and I believe now teething is becoming an issue HOWEVER there are no more 2 hours of screaming in pain, and I can't fix it. Now she smiles and coos, she watches cartoons with Ava.  I highly recommend this bottle for any mom dealing with gas issues with her little one. I would also still recommend the Playtex bottle liners, they really helped Ava. And now that we are using the new bottles, I have boxes of the liners available for anyone who is using them.

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