11 December 2011

# blogging # family

So I am a copy cat

So I have been looking for ways to keep me busy, as a 2 year old and a newborn apparently isnt enough but wanted something that I could do from home. I have searched websites, trying to find something that I can do while the girls nap or after they go to bed. It will be a lot easier once Hailey is sleeping through the night, or at least down to only one bottle. I hadn't found anything that peeked my interest. Than my cousin started sharing a link of her friends on facebook. Her friend is blogging, she is doing reviews, and giving away products. It got my interest. I will be honest, I started researching it alot, I started looking into websites and seeing lots of other moms that blog about their live, but also do reviews. I thought 'hey I can do this', I love blogging, I am very opinionated and I am honest. So I took a chance and emailed my cousin's friend and she gave me a website to start. She told me how much work it will be, and I am very excited about this. I am waiting to see how it pans out, if I will actually do it, and if I feel I can keep up with it. I know it will be easier when Kenny is home, so I am going to try to schedule things out to when I have help with the girls.

So I have contacted some websites, contacted a few past employers/friends, and now am just waiting on approval from a few websites that will help generate more traffic to my blog. So if you know of anyone that doesnt mind reading about my family and hopefully some products will soon be coming my way, please share my site. If it plays out right, I will be revamping the site to include different pages to different interests and I really want to have one page just for my girls so that when family visits they dont have to scroll though a lot to get an update on what they are doing or what we have been up to.

So please visit and play along, it will be fun to see what happens. And if you want to check out the website that helped me make the decision please visit openhands31.blogspot.com , its a good read.

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