21 December 2011

# Christmas # family

O' Christmas Tree

Ever decorate a tree with a 2 year old and a newborn? FUN isn't it?!?!

I have spent 2 weeks decorating my tree. Not all in part to my kids but kinda. First I ordered new ornaments from Kohls and they had to ship to me. So Ava and I began decorating the tree with the ornaments we had. That took 2 nights because we would begin, then dinner had to be made and Hailey would need attention and feeding and a little mommy time too.

So then my ornaments from Kohls came in and they needed hooks to be put on them, while Ava is yelling she wants to help. So I let Ava help, and instead of decorating the tree, she begins playing a game of bowling with the ornaments. Glitter EVERYWHERE!!!

So oh well, this year took 3 times as long for us to get the tree decorated. But it looks great and Ava helped. I hope she keeps helping and enjoys decorating the tree with me. She loved looking at all the ornaments and taking them off then putting them on.

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