29 December 2011

# car # family

I want Money!

So over our busy weekend, we made a stop at McDonalds on our way down to my dad's house. This stop was made because it was lunch time, we had been on the road since 1030 and we were hungry. As soon as we pulled up Ava said she wanted 'Fries, please'. This kid loves French fries. As we were waiting on our food, Kenny looked over at me and said, "We eat out too much, but it's so convenient when we are on the road"

Well who knew that our convenient stops would filter into Ava's pretend play time? So 2 days later at my sister in laws house, Ava is playing with her cousin's little kitchen. Aunt Erika asks Ava to make her fries. Ava proceeds to put out her hand and stated "I want money". So she went from playing kitchen and making food to the drive thru line at McDonalds.

What else could we do but laugh!!

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