21 December 2011

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"I Got To Pee"

Sweet music to any momma's ears. Yes we have started the exciting adventures of potty training. I have been very relaxed with it, letting Ava do it whenever she wanted to but not pushing her. Since this past Saturday she has been wanting to go and telling us when she needs to. It is so exciting. She now refuses her regular diapers and wants her pull ups on all the time. She has been doing well, I still am not pushing her, I dont want to make it a 'have to' and start her in the opposite direction. Ava has always been one to do things on her own time, no pushing or shoving, she just comes and tells you she wants to. She gave up the bottle on her own at 11 months, the bink at 25 months, and here we are giving up diapers.

I understand that with her age it can take time before it is 100% and it will take time before she will go a full day without a wet pull up. But yay for the effort she is putting in right now. It is amazing to watch her progress and learn. I am also excited that soon theres a good chance that I will not be buying diapers for two. The extra money can go to something else.

Tonight while I was on the phone with my dad, Ava came up to me, pulled me by the hand yelling "Mommy I gotta pee, come with me", so I took her to the potty and she did. We have been using the reward system of M&Ms however there are times when she doesnt even ask for them. Hoping that her progress continues and soon enough she will be completely trained.

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