12 July 2011

Words spilling out into Sentences

So for a couple months now Ava has been putting some small phrases together. I love it. To hear her speak and make sense is wonderful. She has always been vocal....she is of course my child but she now tells you exactly what she wants and how she would like it done...again, my child. She def has some Kidwiler in there somewhere even though looking at her you would never know. These last couple weeks her sentences have became longer and more put together. She now will tell us who she would like to do what. If I ask her 'Does your diaper need changed?' she usually replies with 'I want Daddy to do it' and runs away from me. Or visa versa depending on her mood. She will also ask you to come with her to another room. She asks for help when she cant reach something. Just this morning, I received a text from Ms. Becky telling me that Ava approached her and stated "I am hungry. I want a snack peeeeeease". I love it. She is communicating very well and her speaking is getting more clear as she develops. There are times she is saying something that Kenny or I will have to relay to a grandparent or Aunt/Uncle but most of the time you can clearly understand her and her wants/needs. This is such a fun age and seems to only be getting better with time as she understands more and learns more. I love hearing her talk and putting her thoughts together and being able to tell me her needs.

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