10 July 2011


Ava now as a bunch of cousins. For a while it was her and Blake. Now there is a truck load of kids, to haul them all around we would need a van and lots of carseats! But they all love each other and they do get along very well even though 2 are under the age of 6 months.

Ava got a new first cousin on June 4th, Brooklyn, whom she now pretends to talk on the phone to all the time. When she sees Erika, she now gets so exciting, yelling Baby Baby because she knows Brooklyn will be with her.

Little Levi was born in March, he visits down at Ms. Becky's every once in a while and Ava really cares for him and helps while he is there. Becky said last time he visited, Ava helped feed him a bottle and was very patient with him. She is very gentle with these little ones, kissing them on the legs, feet and staying away from their face.

Her partners in CRIME!! LOL. Kearah and Alaya. She loves these girls. They are already a mess when it comes to seeing each other, Ava will ask continously wheres Keeks?? like I am supposed to make her appear so they can play together.

Ava and Emily with Aunt Ash. Emily after almost 2 years is still getting used to the fact that Ava is around but Ava loves her and everytime we are all together Ava will hug and kiss all over her.

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