10 July 2011

25 weeks and growing

So I have hit 25 weeks. 14 weeks until my scheduled c-section. Yes I am counting them down. I am growing and can feel every stretch. This girl is growing like a weed. I have my appt this upcoming week but I believe I am in the neighborhood of being about 7 or 8 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight which I believe is great considering I love about 6 pounds at the beginning of this pregnancy with my sickness. The maternity clothes that I wore with Ava until almost delivery are sadly too small. I am growing so differently this time that I am already in LARGE everything just to fit my growing wasteline. It is wonderful feeling her move, I must say I have a little ickling that she may be messed up on days and nights even though I know she doesnt know what they are yet. She is way active from about 7 or 8 at night until the weeeeeee hours of the morning. Some nights she has woken me up while punching my insides. I dont feel her much during the day until I wait too long to eat or drink a soda or something. Ava has had the pleasure of being bumped by her a little bit. Ava will lay her head on my belly as a rest pillow and sometimes I will watch my belly move in waves until Ava is hit in the head. Yes they are beating on each other already. As young as Ava is she calls my belly baby and knows my body is changing. She knows where all the baby stuff is and we are trying to make her understand that it isnt for her, that it is for Hailey. I cannot wait to have her here and my two girls in my arms. I think it will be so much fun having two little girls this close in age. I think I am more anxious now for October than I was for September with Ava just because I know the end product and the love that I will feel as soon as this little girl is brought to me after delivery. It is just amazing. We are so blessed and cannot wait to meet her.

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