29 March 2011

Dizziness and Panic Attacks

Yep, they have started and earlier than it did with Ava. I tell ya this kiddo isnt making anything easy for me. The morning sickness has improved, not gone but improved. But last week I had my first of 2 Anxiety Attacks. Yesterday was the worse, I was dizzy from 6 am to about noon. Why? Most say its all the blood doubling, tripling in my body and NOW going to the baby. GREAT!! I love that everything seems to be going on schedule but being dizzy and pale for almost 6 hours while working on 15 files isnt my idea of a good day. Work has been busy, no time to be sick or not feeling well. I pride myself on the good and fast job I do but haven't been able to do it the way I would like to for about 7 weeks now. My poor blood pressure is dropping during the day and making me woozy, its already low to begin with and when it drops to even a lower number my head spins. These wonderful little dizzy attacks have started 2 whole months earlier than I experienced with Ava. Some say a boy? Some say another girl? I am saying maybe this one will have some Kidwiler in it. LOL I was a pain in the butt for my mom when she was carrying me, and everytime I call her about something she says 'you did the same to me'. Ava was not a breeze pregnancy just not high maintenance like this one has been. I didnt need to call in sick or leave work early or stop working to put my head in between my legs and make myself breath to keep from getting dizzy. Of course going into this I knew it would be completely different and have told everyone the next one would be my 'difficult' child and it is already proving me right. Dizziness is just scary. For anyone who has aniexty attacks because of any reason knows they are no fun at all. My mom had them with all of us and I expected to have them again with this one like I did with Ava. I think its just scarier having Ava around. She doesnt understand what is going on, she just rolls with it. Hopefully the hormone levels will even out a little bit and the blood will increase enough to let my body handle it. I dont see it happening but I hope. I keep saying a few more weeks and hopefully it will all be over but I dont think this one is going to let up at 13 weeks like Ava, I think it will be one thing after another and I will just deal. So far I think I have done well dealing with them, just need to keep taking care of myself like I have and keep chugging along.

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