02 January 2011

Family History!

The above picture was taken in 1984/1985 I was probably a year to a year a half old. Cute huh? Well those bibs that I am wearing were given to me by my Aunt Sandy. She bought them at a yard sale. Aunt Sandy is no longer with us but I think of her often. She was a special person, always with a smile on her face and she shared a birthday with my younger sister and cousin. And like my mamaw, when she hugged you, you could smell her scent on you for hours afterward.

Well this past Christmas, just a week ago, my Aunt Amy stated she had a gift for me. I was very surprised because I am not in the drawing for gifts and didnt expect anything. She handed me the box which I unwrapped and there they were. Those bibs. She explained to me that every grandchild in the family, 13 of us, had worn these bibs and she saved them for me for MY CHILD. I was the first one to wear them and she wanted to make sure my baby got to wear them. I could have cried, but there was way to many people around for that.

So on New Years Eve, a day that I had off and could see my baby girl in those bibs all day long, I put them on her. They fit perfectly!! She looked so cute in them. I dont think I can express in words how special this is to me but it is and I am without words. My daughter is wearing a piece of clothing that I have worn. She looks just as cute too huh?

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