26 December 2010

Christmas Morning

Our Christmas was quiet this year. Ava is still not old enough to realize what is going on but I was super excited for it all. I was up early, due to my normal schedule, sleeping in as become non existant. Ava and Kenny though slept in until after 7 which I know made Kenny happy.

She went into the living room and saw her kitchen but wasnt too sure about it. I had to walk her over to it and show it all to her. Once she warmed up to it, she played with it most of the day. She seemed really happy. She grinned from ear to ear all morning.

After playing with her toys a little bit, we all got ready for the day and went to Aunt Vicki's for breakfast with Kenny's side of the family. It was a lot of fun. Ava got to play with Blake and see her grandma, Becky, and Aunt Lucy. However Ava didnt get a nap at all in the morning so when we got home a little before lunch time, she crashed within 10 minutes of being home.

Santa left Ava her two favorite snacks in her stocking: Cheese Its and Gold Fish Crackers. She snacked all day while playing with her toys.

Back to her kitchen....

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