03 November 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was Ava's 2nd Halloween. Last year, she was only 4 weeks old and just laid in Kenny's arms and watched football. This year was more fun with a more mobile child. We spent Saturday evening at Jamie and Katys house. They had a little Halloween party and invited kids to come along. Ava made herself right at home, as usual, and played with Emma's kitchen set most of the evening.
(Our little WVU Cheerleader)
(Kenny, Emma, and Ava)

On Sunday, we began the day with heading to my dad's for a little fun with Emily and my sisters. Then we stopped at my mom's. She had candy waiting on Ava. Ava did really well in her costume.

(Our little Tiger)

Her costume was actually a zip up sweatsuit so I picked up a onsie to go underneath. I couldnt resist.

Sunday evening we joined our church with "Trunk or Treat" however they are wonderful and set up tables inside so you are warm going through the line. Ava decided to help our cousin Sara hand out candy once we were through with our turn. Handing out shouldnt be the term though because at one point she was throwing candy on the floor and kids were picking it up!

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