19 October 2010

6 years and counting....

Six years ago on October 20, 2004, Kenny and I went on our first date. We went to the movies to see 'Friday Night Lights'.

We met in college, in speech class actually, and I gave him my phone number in September and let him do with it as he wished. He began calling and chatting a little. He's not a big talker so I was thrilled he'd call just to listen to me and see what I had to say. We would stay after class and talk a little. In October he asked after class on Saturday if I wanted to see a movie the next Thursday and I said 'yes'. Well then on Tuesday before, he called me. He wanted to move our date from the 21st (Thursday) to the 20th (Wednesday), I thought he just couldnt wait to spend some time with me and had to see me.


WVU played Thursday night and the game was on TV. For everyone that knows Kenny, you know how much he loves his college football and he is a die hard WVU fan. He never did tell me why he wanted to change it until I asked him about it like 4 months later and made his face turn a little red. I guess I wasnt supposed to figure it out. So we went out on Wednesday. It was a great time and a movie, so he didnt have to talk much. He walked me to my car and we said good bye. Thats how it all started. Soon we were going out just about every Saturday night. We would go to dinner and then a movie or over to a friends house to hang out.

(Christmas 2005)

(Christmas 2007)

Since then we have been inseperatable. We get along great and even when we dont, its not arguing, its discussion. We have great chemistry. I am so thankful I signed up for that Saturday Speech class and got to meet the man of my dreams and know that we are going to spend a lifetime together.

(At Zack and Jessica's Wedding)

(At Richmond Raceway)
(At the Beach)
(At my Mom's wedding)

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