12 September 2010

Ava's 1st Vacation

So we went on our first family vacation. We traveled not far but far enough with an 11 month old, to Lancaster, PA. (Amish Country). Ava slept most of the way there and woke up to eat lunch with us at Sonic. She insisted on getting out of her carseat (who can blame her 2 and 1/2 hrs in there) and sitting on her daddy's lap.

Once we checked in, she came alive!!!! She absolutely loved our hotel room. She was walking everywhere, checking it out and making herself at home.

We went to dinner Monday night but then headed back to the hotel. We woke up early Tuesday morning and after some breakfast we headed to the Railroad Museum in Strasburg. Ava hadnt taken her morning nap and talked the whole way there. We were walking through looking at all the trains, when her eyes became heavy, so we reclined the stroller and let her sleep while we looked at all the displays.

They had really old trains and lots of facts. It was very interesting seeing from the beginning to now how everything has been done and created.

(Kenny and Ava ringing a bell)

At the Choo Choo Barn, we got to see a whole room full of models that moved and worked. It was very cool!! Everything worked! It even became 'night time' for a couple minutes and all the street lights came on and things stopped.

Ava liked it alot and tried to get some of the models out of the display.

After a long day out and about, we went back to the hotel and got baths and went to bed. Ava absolutely loved the tub. She loves water anyways so I think she really enjoyed being in a big tub.

On Wednesday we went to Kettle Kitchen and spent the morning shopping and venturing. After lunch we went on a buggy ride! The buggy place was nice and even had a little play area for the kids while they waited for their turn. (No pictures of the buggy ride, did not want to capture the Amish guide if he didnt want to be in them)

She found another baby in our room!!!!!

Our last morning was quick and fun. Ava helped us pack up and clean the room. She was pulling everything out I was putting in. I am so happy she loved the vacation and she was so well behaved the whole time. It was like she knew we werent home and she was to be on her best behavior. She did not act up while we were in any of the many resturants we went to or the museums we spent a lot of time in.

And she even came back home with a new tooth broken through the gum. All that in a week!

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