25 September 2010

Ava is 1 year old! I have a big girl!

So Friday we celebrated Ava's 1st birthday. It has been a busy year. I am so happy to be a mom of a one year old. She has learned so much and is so different. Her personality is nothing like I could have dreamed of. She is so bubbly and happy most of the time.

So lets recap the last few months:

  • Ava began walking in July and is now running through my house.

  • She began eating a lot more solids over the summer and less baby food. (no teeth for a lot of the food I would love to feed her)

  • She finally got her first and second tooth in August and September! YAY!! I thought she was going to remain toothless.

  • She is now wearing 12 months even though a lot are still big on her

  • She now has a pair of sneakers

  • She is saying a load of words: mom, mommy, daddy, sit, up, baby, nanny, go, yes, yea, hi, bye, ash, jess, what sounds like its going to be becky, oocy (Lucy), tim, no, uh huh, yum yum (yogurt), and theres probably more but I cant think of them

  • Still no hair up front but its getting thicker in the back (mullet alert)

  • She now will point her finger while talking on her phone and give the person on the other end a mouth full (LOL)

  • We now have to have daddy on speaker phone when he calls from work so she can hear him too

  • She's dancing!

  • Shes learning to climb up and down
This past year has certainly taught me a lot and she has grown so much. To think that this time last year she couldnt raise her neck or really move at all...and now she is running and talking and learning so much so fast.

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