30 August 2010

On the Move...

I thought I would post a few pictures of Ava on the move. She has been walking almost 2 months now and is better and faster than I could have ever imagined at this age. Everyday there is something new to do and she is now always finding something she didnt know was there before.

She loves her dora sandals that are handmedowns from my friend Sara. She insists once she is up that they go immediately on and she will wear them all day. I have been usually waiting until she falls asleep to take them off then once she is up, we put them back on.

She is way better with her sippy cup now and can say 'Cup' when she wants it. She usually drinks 2-4 full cups a day. Lots of wet diapers but she loves her water and juice and a little bit of tea. :)

Like I said before, she is always finding stuff, this was on the floor getting ready to be put in the trash, she decided it was hers and played with it for about a half hour. She threw it around the kitchen and tried to drink from it.

Grandma Sue bought her a few purses and we can spend hours putting things in them and taking it out. She loves putting her binks in there and then going back and getting them out. She will come out to the kitchen with one purse on each shoulder, her tigger in her hand, and blankey wrapped around her and I am supposed to pick her up. So we usually walk around with everyhing.

Under the table.....I have no words, it was funny when she did it, she crawled under there (she no longer can walk under without hitting her head) and then sat there and found a puff that she wasnt supposed to eat on the floor. Well before I could say 'no' it was in her mouth. Oh well.

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