27 May 2010


Ava is really coming into her personality. I thought at 3 and 4 months WOW this kid has got a personality all of her own. At 8 months that personality is more shown than I could have ever imagined. She argues. Yes my 8 month will argue. She can't say a word yet but we know when she disagrees. We can smack her fingers and tell her no and we get the frowns down and a big 'ugh' from her. It is so funny even though I try to keep a straight face. She has started to throw temper tantrums. I know I thought this was a little early myself but apparently she is right on track with other mobile children. I will move her from an object she shouldn't be around and she will kick her feet and move her arms and yell a little bit. She will learn, one day, I figure not to touch what she isnt supposed to touch.

She is just a happy baby, most of the time. She smiles at you all the time. It really melts your heart. She enjoys life, she is really getting the full of it right now, not letting anything stop her. She has started pulling herself up and walking along the couches. Which amazes me everytime I see it. She also has started throwing her arms in the air and letting go to stand on her own for a bit. Kenny and I have watched over the past week how much longer it has gotten, from a little second for a few seconds. A few seconds might not seem like a long time but when you are that small that is a big thing. We always tell her 'good job' or 'yay' and clap our hands. She is getting the hang of balancing herself while holding on to a piece of clothing or the couch.

She absolutely lets us know one way or another how she is feeling. It is so great to watch her grow and the development of her understanding of things is awesome because I can work with her through something as small as a toy is under the couch and she cant reach it.

Her schedule is about the same as last time I posted, she is staying awake until around 8:30 but that gives us more time with her, she usually goes to relax in bed around 7:30 regardless just to give her time to calm down and prepare for bed. She is LOVING the tub. Now bathtime is a little more frequent with her being mobile, she gets dirty so easily now. I am still giving her a bath in her baby tub because our tub is huge and I think it'd be awkward to give her bath in it. But she loves her tub, I sit it on the counter in the half bath and she can watch herself in our mirror and she takes her washrag and fligs it everywhere, getting water everywhere and all over me. She's starting to get a little upset when I get her out of the bath because she is old enough now to want to play.

It's just been an exciting time. Her skills and mobility is getting better everyday.

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