28 April 2010

Allergy Season

My allergies did NOT bother me at all last year, thanks to being pregnant I believe. I read in my 'What to Expect with Expecting' book that some women that have bad allergies dont experience them when pregnant. Yay for me!

This year NOT so much. It has been horrible. My contacts bother me, however I am keeping them in. Ava loves to pull them off and at work I have 2 monitors and looking at both and trying to work on a file can be annoying with my glasses on. I have been coughing, sneezing, and just icky feeling. I spend the day at work with cough drops in my mouth after taking my allergy meds and cough syrup. When Rosie on Q102 announces the pollen count every morning I dread hearing it. When it's over 10 I might as well count the whole day gone to being miserable. I absolutely love spring but how can I enjoy it if when I am outside I am either wiping my eyes or coughing. It has never been this bad and I am blaming the snow.

I know you are probably wondering why the snow? Well many have found that the snow was so much this year and moisturized everything so well that spring came a little early. You remember those beautiful 80 degree days when we were all wearing short sleeves and shorts. Well everything got a good drink and is now blooming like a triple dose. And its killing us with allergies. They are saying that this year will be one of the worst years for those with pollen issues. I am about ready to stop carrying my purse because I know I am carrying pollen on it and am trying to change clothes when I get home and do not go back outside and wash my hair as much as possible.

It's terrible but secretly I am wishing spring away just so everything will bloom be gone and I can move on and play outside with Ava and Patton.

And Patton...he's a whole other issue..he's outside all day with the wind blowing, so I have been wondering the past few days with the high pollen counts if he is carrying more of it inside then I pet him then its on me! See the circle.

This pollen has been crazy but it will be gone soon enough. Just got to bide my time.

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