21 December 2009

My 26th Birthday!

My 26th birthday could not have gone better if I tried. Ava and I spent the day playing and talking. I had a wonderful visit from Sarita and Janice, that made the day go a little better and quicker.

I have to say even though Kenny wasnt home, it kinda felt like he was, through texts and calls and emails, we were communicating all day. My birthday was special as it is every year with him. Ava also made the day a little more special than any other year, watching her smile is one of the best experiences ever.

I want to thank everyone that called, texted, posted, and emailed me birthday wishes. It really meant a lot to me. Just remember it is now officially winter, even though we just got dumped with 20 inches of snow, and only 4 more days until Christmas...another reason I love my birthday...the holidays make everything a little more exciting and special.

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